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Career Day at Collier HS
Collier High School hosted Career Day last week! Professionals across various fields came out to share their expertise with Collier students. From animal care to healthcare, hospitality to education, and even TV & Film, professionals from various fields, many of them Collier alumni, shared their experience and knowledge with students.

Afterward, students had the opportunity to learn even more thanks to representatives from local schools and companies!Thank you to all the career panelists and vendors for sharing their knowledge with Collier students and thank you to Collier staff for making the event happen!
Introducting...The Collier Garden!


Spreading joy one beautification project at a time in service learning! Our service learners partnered with the Jackson Woods Park in Long Branch, NJ, a volunteer-run community park, to create their very own "Collier Garden"! Our students planted sunflowers originally grown in our greenhouse on campus while our Building Trades students assisted the service learners with transforming an old wheelbarrow into a stunning piece of art!

April Mental Health Forum-Emotional Regulation Skills

Collier School's latest Mental Health Forum centered on tools to best support students during emotional dysregulation. These tools can be used in and out of the classroom to guide students toward emotional balance and ultimately, emotional thriving. They are also utilized in our STAR Program! Let's keep prioritizing our students' individual needs to create a safe and supportive environment!

Exploring DNA in Biology!

Last week in Lab Biology, Collier High School Kateri students delved deep into their own DNA! Using Gatorade and rubbing alcohol to extract cheek DNA, they got an inside look at what makes them who they are, literally!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Collier School art students are spreading awareness with their latest mural, reminding us of the importance of protecting and caring for our planet!

Collier School's Sensory Friendly Classrooms!

Big shoutout to our amazing Occupational Therapists and staff at Collier School! 🌟 With their dedication, every student thrives in a sensory-friendly learning space with handheld fidgets, cozy seating, visual aids, and more. Together, we're committed to providing the most comfortable and secure environment for all our students!